Hello, welcome to my website - BijakMall.com.
I am Little Potato (yes, that's right, not my real name. My real name is not important anyway) and has been involved in eCommerce since 2004.
I did not have any physical shop at that time and borrowed products from friend for photography. Due to lack of Open Source shopping cart software at that time, I engaged a local internet company to develop my first simple eCommerce website that able to display product categories and product details page. I was able to publish articles to enrich my website's content and promote the products.
Back then, even without much effort on SEO (search engine optimization), it was easy for potential customers to find my website. However it was very difficult to sell even one item to local customers. Many customers called to know where was my physical shop and wanted to view the products, some did not want to pay for postage and preferred face to face meeting, others wanted me to guarantee returns and refund (but still have doubts after that). Some customers even requested to pay only after receive the item!
Over the years, I had the opportunity to use Open Source shopping cart to create my own websites, such as Virtuemart/Joomla, OpenCart etc. I also have the experiences selling in various marketplace such as Amazon.com, Lelong, Lazada, Zalora, 11 Street, Etsy...
As I am approaching retirement age, I would like to share with you my experiences and views on eCommerce in Malaysia. This website will touch on various popular marketplaces in Malaysia, how you can start your own online business (from A to Z), what are price comparison engines available that help you find lowest price products as well as latest development of e-business.

Thank you and best regards,
Little Potato (Nov 2016)




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About BijakMall.com

I have more than 10 years of experiences on eCommerce - selling at various marketplaces and own websites. With lesser activities on selling physical products, I am now focusing on blogging, helping others create online business and developing eCommerce website.